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Inspiring and equipping individuals living with chronic illness and physical disabilities to live their AND through advocacy and gifting mobility aids to individuals with physical disabilities

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Mobility Aid

We can find empowerment through labels AND we deserve to not only survive but thrive.

We are committed to gifting mobility aids to people with disabilities so that they can feel empowered to live their AND. Apply now rollators, braces, wheel chairs, canes.

We are working to fulfill the need of applicants. Join our waitlist of applicants and we will connect you as soon as we can to a mobility aid!

Jayne Mattingly and a The And Iitiative Recipient both positng with thier ByAcre Rollaters

Thank You to our Partner

We are proud to partner with byACRE in fulfilling our mission to provide mobility aids to people with disabilities.

ByAcre Logo


Rollator Recipient

“When I first became disabled, having a Rollator was extremely hard for me. I am in my early 30s and having to use mobility equipment was tough for me to wrap my head around. when I won the byACRE rollator in the giveaway, I was so excited. Not only because it helped me be mobile around my home it made me feel beautiful. She is absolutely my special occasion Rollator. As a former makeup artist, feeling glamorous was significant to me. When my mobility started to be affected, I feel like I lost a part of that. My byACRE Rollator definitely helped me gain that confidence back. She gave me a piece of glamor that I needed to fill the gap.”


Rollator Recipient

“Losing mobility was incredibly difficult for me, especially when it came to being independent. Having the opportunity to apply for a byACRE rollator through The AND Initiative was a tremendous gift. Within a week I had applied, received my rollator, and was experiencing mobility I didn’t think would be ever be possible with my disability. My rollator has been a wonderful tool for my independence and has allowed me to feel confident away from home and solo, plus, it is so well-made and beautiful! I am forever grateful to The AND Initiative, Jayne, and byACRE for making mobility accessible for me again; this is not something I would not have been able to achieve on my own, but is now part of my daily life.”
Jayne Mattingly with a belt bag and her ByAcre Rollater. Smiling in the sunshine

Join the Mission

Support The And Initiative in any way

you are able.


Through partnerships in a variety of areas,

we are able to not only continue the work

we are doing, but grow our support of people living with disabilities across the country.

Help Ship Rollators

We are eager to fulfill applicant's needs for mobility aids across the country. Every gifted rollator costs $500 to ship, creating a financial barrier to this gift. You can help our applicants receive mobility aids to support them in living the AND by donating today. All funds donated to the link below will go toward shipping costs for rollators

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